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 Tel: 07459 229763

Typical Q & A's


How do I put my child on the waiting list?

To register on the waiting list, please complete and submit the above link. You will be contacted near to the proposed start date to arrange an appointment to visit. If your child is aged near the recommended start date and you require a place soon, please phone to arrange a visit.

My child is so attached I'm not sure about leaving?

If you have cared for your child exclusively, arrange short separations, leaving him with a trusted friend or grandparent. He will learn that separations always end happily and should gain confidence slowly but surely. Arrange to visit the nursery together so that s/he can explore this new environment especially prepared for young children. You can reflect on your visit & reassure that you will always return.

My child is toilet trained but can be forgetful?

We accept children who are not yet fully toilet trained and endeavour to change them as often as required. However, we may request your return to

the nursery in some instances. We will encourage your child to ask for assistance and to avoid undue stress for the child who is newly trained, it is

a good idea to supply a fresh set of clothes and pull-ups in a clearly labelled bag.

Do you accept childcare vouchers?

Yes we are registered with the majority of providers. Payment is due termly in advance.

What is the policy for discipline within the nursery?

Under no circumstances whatsoever will physical or verbal punishment be implemented. If an incident does occur due to unruly or disruptive behaviour, a member of staff will talk through the incident with the child to enable a better understanding of respect and consideration for others. Concerns about behaviour will be discussed with parents and a consistent approach between home and nursery will be encouraged at all times.

What do I need to bring each session?

A fresh change of clothes for newly toilet trained children is recommended. You may also prefer your child to wear boots in the outside play area. Please note, all personal items such as coats, jumpers, lunch boxes etc. should be clearly named Comfortable, manageable clothes are recommended. A nutritious healthy cold lunch is required for those children attending until 3.00pm


Latest News:

Academic year 22/23- this year we welcome back all children to enjoy an exciting & fun curriculum in line with the EYFS.

Please call to arrange a visit.

Supporting the EYFS at home

  • Spend lots of time talking with your child; use new vocabulary to gain their interest when out & about-explain what words mean in simple terms

  • Read plenty of books together; sing songs & rhymes, make a scrapbook & display creations on the wall

  • Encourage your child to take part in lots of activities – digging in the garden, visiting interesting places, taking part in sports.

  • Play games together – spending quality time with your child is the very best way to help them learn &  develop.

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