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We follow the EYFS within a Montessori framework and a key person will assess and plan next steps for your child’s development. Links with parents are encouraged and a learning journal feeds back achievements to foster a positive partnership and enable your child to attain their maximum potential. The following gives a brief description for each learning area.

Personal, Social & Emotional... practical life skills enable the child to work with real tasks - polishing, pouring, sorting, matching, sweeping, folding and dressing frames are typical of some of the popular activities we introduce when a child begins the nursery. Simple and easily attainable, the child becomes self motivated, gains self-esteem, improved co-ordination and competence to develop a variety of skills. Activities to extend imaginative play with peers including dress ups,home corner, role play & construction support children to elaborate play ideas and form friendships.

Physical... Exercises for balance and refinement of controlled movements are encouraged, such as choosing and replacing carefully from the low level shelves, holding a pencil correctly and walking with control.More energetic climbing, throw and catch, parachute play and physical exercise is also enjoyed and our outdoor area also provides plenty of opportunities to extend these skills. A rolling snack ensures children have free access for fruit and drinks with a strong emphasis on hand washing at all times. Children are encouraged to build independence with toilet needs, putting on coats, boots etc but support is always provided when required.

Communication, Language & Literacy...Free style drawing encourages emergent writing and pencil control is introduced with shape inset frames. Tracing sandpaper letters introduce phonic sounds and formation in readiness for writing. The reading programme progresses through different levels, beginning with word- building of short phonic based words using a large moveable alphabet. There is always a wide range of story and picture reference books available for the children to enjoy, with encouragement to discuss and express their own ideas.

Understanding the World...globes, puzzle maps, photographs and objects from around the world help the child to form an awareness of the other countries and gain knowledge of other cultures. Puzzles, games and sequence cards simplify the various stages of living plants and creatures. Supported by themes each child has the opportunity to increase their understanding of our world and environmental awareness. Ipads enable the children to familiarise with educational software in readiness for school. 

Expressive Art & Design........ the opportunity to use a wide variety of artistic medium to encourage self-expression is readily available such as paint techniques, collage, cutting, sticking, dough and messy play. If your child has a creative tendency we will support their learning and provide a challenging and inspiring range of activities.

Singing to nursery rhymes, action songs and an assortment of percussion instruments are included to help children develop a sense of rhythm.

Mathematics... sensorial materials aid refinement and discrimination of size, weight, colour, shape and sound. Through observation and comparison, the child learns to reason and decide. Graded from the simple to more complex these materials encourage a building block for future learning and assist your child to gain a basic understanding of how many, sequence, pattern,recognition and written formation.The child perceives all these fun exercises as play enabling a sound foundation for further learning. 

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